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The sick, sad suburban/urban individual who owns a parent-bought GMC truck and dresses like a cowboy, although the closest he's ever been to a cow is the dollar menu at McDonald's.
hey pinkneck, they got wranglers on sale at Macy's!
by Matthewdblack November 24, 2007
A rednecked child. Or a baby redneck.
Picture a small boy with a southern USA accent...

"I don' like no brown trash toast. Mama told me to only eat white bread because white is right." Said the pinkneck.
by Yaziyo April 30, 2006
a homosexual redneck/hillbilly
didja her Jimbos a pink neck
by khorn76 July 10, 2008
A college-educated, white collar worker who lives in the suburbs or exurbs. He drives a pickup truck with leather seats, owns a Harley Davidson and a garden tractor. The ex-urban equivalent of "All hat and no cows."
Southern New Hampshire is the land of the pinkneck, where recent transplants from Massachusetts "go country" - but can still stop at StarBucks on the way to work.
by Mercerman December 30, 2010
A homosexual redneck.
I saw Billy Bob making out with Eugene behind the local convenience store. He's a real pinkneck.
by The Weez Man March 12, 2009