A rednecked child. Or a baby redneck.
Picture a small boy with a southern USA accent...

"I don' like no brown trash toast. Mama told me to only eat white bread because white is right." Said the pinkneck.
by Yaziyo April 30, 2006
Top Definition
The sick, sad suburban/urban individual who owns a parent-bought GMC truck and dresses like a cowboy, although the closest he's ever been to a cow is the dollar menu at McDonald's.
hey pinkneck, they got wranglers on sale at Macy's!
by Matthewdblack November 24, 2007
a homosexual redneck/hillbilly
didja her Jimbos a pink neck
by khorn76 July 10, 2008
A homosexual redneck.
I saw Billy Bob making out with Eugene behind the local convenience store. He's a real pinkneck.
by The Weez Man March 12, 2009
A college-educated, white collar worker who lives in the suburbs or exurbs. He drives a pickup truck with leather seats, owns a Harley Davidson and a garden tractor. The ex-urban equivalent of "All hat and no cows."
Southern New Hampshire is the land of the pinkneck, where recent transplants from Massachusetts "go country" - but can still stop at StarBucks on the way to work.
by Mercerman December 30, 2010
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