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So desperate that you have to resort to sticking your dick in a girls mouth while she is trying to sleep.
Dude katie, the hot chick, was sleeping so i just pulled a pinkley.
by BOBCATS FOR LIFE March 16, 2011
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A very young and very gay boy that is so ugly that he is even rejected by the other fags. Often also has no friends.
Shut up Pinkley
by John April 07, 2004
a stupid gay father-fucking bastard with glasses
pinkley is a stupid dumb-ass
by andrew malchoff January 17, 2005
A kid who was raped at the age of 7 and again at the age of 12, and once more at 14
pinkley got molestes by the janitor at Seaworld.
by Windows 98 cardboard edition January 12, 2005

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