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a douchebag friend who only listens to hip hop and wears trendy clothes
Your friend is good looking and all, but he/she is such a pinkham.
by Daniel Gill February 22, 2005
another word for the female vagina, or the flap that is located below a woman which is normally called a vagina, but can also be called a pink ham, also known as a nutritional sort of breakfast or pussy, cunt, or spicy taco salad... don't forgot your hot sauce
"my sausage would graciously like to be inside your summer pink ham"
by master of the clit aka John L. September 05, 2009
1.person who is a strong disliker of cheesy jack nicholson movies and runs from tornados
2.person with a fond interest in making thudge
3.amazing pilates instructor who proof reads papers phenomenally and who is attracted to the color purple
4.a fricken awesome mandolinist who knows how to dress adequately and serves as the coolest friend anyone could ever have.
Dude! I saw a Pinkham perform on the mainstage today, and he really knew how to perform his trills!
by Alexawexabexafexaniglet April 02, 2005
Rap listenin' bicycle pimp.
With "eyes" for Gillda.
Pinkham quite staring at Gillda's cank.
by jdawg February 26, 2005
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