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Passing out during sex. Usually caused by heavy drinking.
Dorothy told us she has a tendency to pinkout when she thumbguns
by VERG January 04, 2009
The act of a man (or woman) going down on a female sexual partner.
When George went down on Susie, it was a pink-out.

He gave her the best pinkout of her entire life.

Boy 1: What did you do last night?
Boy 2: I pinked-out.
by Lolzerz0101 October 05, 2010
When a dog gets an erection
Did you see Joe's dog pink out when he humped sue's leg?
by AJ19692002 December 01, 2007
Similar to a blackout (alcohol related amnesia), except the temporary amnesia is caused by vagina, rather than alcohol or drugs. The primary symptoms of a pinkout are poor judgment and bad decision making.
John: Dude, next thing I knew all her stuff was moved in to my apartment! I don't even remember saying ok to that! I must've been in a pinkout or something...

James: I have no idea what she put up there...she was so hot, I would've done anything. She's a pinkout inducing machine!
by nearly civilized November 07, 2011