A restaurant in Arizona! Also a name for a vagina.
I ate out at the pink taco last night!!!!
by Philbert22222 May 30, 2007
A white girls vigina.
I just fucked a pick taco last night.
by Jacob Soto October 17, 2004
I went to Dave's house and we had pink tacos for dinner , then his mom pulled down her panties , exposing her pink taco and I said loudly " ALL YOUR PINK TACO ARE BELONG TO ME".
by Red and Brown Grass Rat November 25, 2004
Slang for a woman's vulva. Do not be deterred by those who, well-meaningly but ignorantly, refer to this part, as the vagina. The vagina is on the inside. Maybe we're all better off if we just say cunt and be done with it.
I licked her pink taco until my tongue fell off.
by Bucinka January 29, 2010
A slang provacitive term for a girls clit, cunt, etc. you name it. Originally derived from eating the great mexican traditional food, which is just as joyful as the girl.
Dude: i went to a party last night and met up with that girl.

Man: Did you feast on some choice pink taco?

Dude: ya man
by Horny March 14, 2005
A unit of hours driven.

Driving for a girl you meet on the Internet to go and have sex with her.

1 PinkTaco is 10 hours of driving.
God damn she's hot I'd drive .8 PinkTacos for her
by OKSFer April 25, 2010
Refers to the 2 flaps of skin covering a females vagina.
Her pink taco was pink and tight.
by buuuddy March 30, 2011

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