dangling anus outside of ass (looks like a pink sock)
Man i was doin this chick in the poop shoot last night cuz she wanted to keep her virgin pussy so we hooked up and her parents got home early and i pulled out Fast and the was only left with a memory of me from the pink sock i gave her.
by AJ B March 14, 2005
when your hitting the pussy and the inner pink vagina walls extend out around the man's pole. Therefore making it look like he's bangin a pink sock.
doude the pussy was so tight, when i banged her, her pink sock grabbed my pole
by freaky turtle July 10, 2008
During anal sex, the male donkey punches the male/female in the back of the head, making their sphincter muscle contract. At that moment, the male pulls out and rips out the inner lining of the colon.
I developed a mild infection from the pink sock Brett Peterson gave to me yesterday night after I sat on his face.
by Goose May 25, 2003
The act of putting your whole foot in a women's vagina, wearing a shoe and using alot of force is optional.
"I would like to pink sock that loosey goosey pussy'
by Zach "FlawpyBawls November 07, 2007
What happens usually to small children (sometimes adults) who don't stay away from the suction part of the water pump in a hot tub. See also redsock.
"Damn, I dunked Cindy in our hot tub, she hit ass on the drain and it almost sucked her guts out! That was the worst pink sock I have ever seen!"
by Redsock September 08, 2004
While a man wearing only a string with a small bag of pepper is ass fucking a woman, right as he is about to get off, he grabs a pinch of pepper out of his bag and puts it up the bitches nose. When he gets off, she sneezes at the same time resulting in a slight inside-out effect off the bitches asshole. This is the pink sock!
That pinksock was nearly a size XL.
by Justin Henderson July 29, 2003
To ejaculate in a condom and then take the blood from your woman's vagina and mix it together, resembling a "pink sock"
Woah dude, did you really pink sock her last night?
by |x|da|slayer|x| January 20, 2007

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