When used as a verb it means ass fucking them so hard their organs come out of thier ass when they are done.
Shut up or i'll pink sock you, betch!
by Xanxcore January 24, 2007
Intestines hanging outta your ass.

Two men engage sexually, and the larger of the two pounds relentlessly into the smaller, thrusting nonstop for days. The fucking increases the size of the anal canal, the boundary from the rest of the body lessening and leaving the intestines, which are pink saggy, to hang out of the smaller boy's ass.
"You fucktard! You gave me a pink sock!!!"
by Narukyou September 17, 2007
Inverted rectum.
I was fuckin' her ass last night and I pulled out too fast. The next thing you know that bitchs' got a pink sock
by sasson rouge November 05, 2003
The pink sock is when you are banging a bitch doggy style in the butthole, and right about the time your gonna shoot your hot goo, you donkey punch her hard enough to knock her out, and when her ass muscels tighten up it sucks the cum right outta your cock, then you QUICKLY pull your dick outta her ass. It will pull her asshole inside out and leave a pink sock hanging there.
I wanted to break up with my girl, so I decided to fuck her one last time just to Pink Sock her. Then I left her laying on the couch at her parents house, knocked out with her asshole hanging inside out.
by Casperitis November 30, 2007
An Inverted Rectum. Nasty.
Some people think JIM MARTIN has an anal penis, but its just from where his mom pink socked him.
by Love, Crabs July 28, 2006
When a guy is fucking a girl in the ass and he punches her in the kidneys, then she tenses up and he pulls his dick out fast and her insides come out with it, resembling a pink sock.(The donkey punch's ugly cousin)
I was with this girl last night and I was pouring the meat to her ass and I punched her in the kidneys and pull out super fast and gave the bitch a pink sock.
by Debo Hetz Mania February 07, 2007
Verb. The act of pulling out someone's rectum or colon. This is done by having anal sex, knocking the catcher or recieving person out and finally pulling out the penis. Because the person is unconscious, the muscles relax. So when the penis is removed, the colon extrudes from the anus.
"Last night I pink socked Jenny by bottling her head then pulling my dick out."
by MC H Dog September 27, 2006

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