When the rectum resembles a pink sock. One's ass falling out.
"dude, do you know what a pink sock is?"
"isnt that the amusing thing with a rectum?"
by flaming_ibanez October 19, 2007
You fuck a girl so hard in the ass that you turn it inside out.
Your intestines come out your ass making it look like a pink sock hanging out.
by TKOTutone November 10, 2008
V.) When finishing anal intercourse and removing the penis from the anus, the lining of the anus comes WITH the penis.

Can be prevented with lube.

Happens frequently to homos and whores.
Bob: I pink socked Kayla last night.
Tyler: Dude that is fucking sick!
by Sonny_its_urgent July 10, 2008
when a guy&girl are having anal sex and right before the guy cums he hits the girl over the head with a pink sock so her butt cheeks clench.
My girl finally agreed to do anal, but i pulled the pink sock trick: bad idea.
by SHANNONR6909 October 28, 2011
First, trick your girlfriend into having anal sex (shouldn't be too hard).

At the moment of climax, donkey-punch your woman in the back of the head and withdraw your penis quickly.

The resulting inverted colon is known as a "pink sock
Evan: "Did you hear that lindseys in the hospital?"

Greg: "Nah, man i didnt. what happened?"

Evan: "I gave her a pink sock hahaha!"
by wu tang killa August 19, 2009
When one sticks there entire foot in anothers vagina.
"Dude, my toes are so sticky after I gave that bitch a

Pink Sock."
by cumsnatcher August 21, 2010
When used as a verb it means ass fucking them so hard their organs come out of thier ass when they are done.
Shut up or i'll pink sock you, betch!
by Xanxcore January 24, 2007

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