When you are fucking a girl in the ass doggy style and you hit her over the head to knock her out and just as you knock her out you pull out simultaneously making her ass come out of her ass resembling a pink sock.
guy 1: i gave that hoe a pink sock
guy 2: man thats too far
by yobson May 29, 2016
When giving anal and the butt hole becomes inside out when the dick is pulled out.
Shit man, you gave her a pink sock.
by burbestfrand May 01, 2016
When a someone takes it up the ass too much, their large intestine eventually starts coming out, resembling a pink sock.
After 10 years of nothing but taking it up the ass, geraldo got a pinksock.
by longman2g January 26, 2006
When having anal sex with a partner, the dominant partner rapidly removes his phallus from the submissive partners anus, this action causes the anus and intestine to come out with the phallus, causing the removed intestine to look like a pink sock
When my mom came home, he pulled out to fast and i got the worst pink sock since Elton John and Ron Jeremys bad porno
by OchiruRay March 15, 2011
after anal domination excessive lining exits the anus forming the shape of a pink sock.
after ben was done with ms. t's anus she had a pink sock dangling below her feet.
by ben privett October 12, 2011
getting assfucked so hard your intestines protrude from your asshole, loosk like a pink sock
Lrey likes to get assfucked so often his nickname is pink sock.
by gino bitchtits April 20, 2008
shitting your intestines out
What took you so long in the bathroom man?
I got a pink sock.
Damn. Hospital?
Yeah sure.
by jacket6016 November 02, 2015
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