Pink Finger a.k.a. 'Taggers Thumb' is a fictional condition caused by a rare cancer of the spine which causses your digits turn un-natural colours. In reality it is a result of too much stencil-bombing.
1. Ant: Mum, can I have the day off school, my pink finger's flared up again?

2. Tom: Ant, move you hand or you'll get pink finger.
by JuiceHead July 02, 2006
Top Definition
fingers that have just been in a girl's pink.
"Go wash your pink fingers, and lets go."
by Capi777 August 29, 2005
When you fart on your own finger the poke somebody in the eye causing them to get pink eye
Victor: what happened? your eye is swollen.
Keith: Nick gave me the pink finger
by wetzpretz December 15, 2013
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