a guy who has his eyes on a girl is said to be suffering from pinkeye in a similar fasion to how a girl gets cock in the eye
he's got a pretty bad case of pinkeye from that chick
by fkr July 30, 2003
Top Definition
an accute and contagious infection that causes inflamation of the surface of the eye, accute contagious conjunctivitis
You should stay home on the first day you have pink eye to prevent it from spreading.
#conjunctivitis #itchy #sore #swollen #eye
by Light Joker September 24, 2005
Pink Eye is when a guy Nuts all over a bitches face and it gets into her eye causing irritation and a pink color to appear.
Dude! I just gave this that bitch pink eye!
by Josh March 09, 2005
When someone farts in your face, causing poo particles to enter the eye, making it go pink.
Josh got pink eye when Shelly farted on his face as a joke.

#pink #eye #pink eye #poo #poop #shit #gross
by RethSogen September 22, 2008
The result of having a male ejaculate in one's eye. Also known as the 'hot monocle'
Steve has pinkeye, he got a hot monocle last nigt.
#hot monocle #jizz #mess #spunk #load
by Baulchy666 August 17, 2009
During the act of eating out a pussy from behind, your eye accidently brushes up against her asshole resulting in this terrible affliction. Usually occurs when bedding unclean whores you picked up of the street.
I ate out this random at the club last night and know I've got a bad case of the pinkeye.
#pussy #asshole #whores #street #random
by Sinodax November 14, 2014
An unclean, unkempt person living in a small home or trailer with several generations of family which results in inbreeding and it's related birth and developmental defects.

A pinkeye keeps his or her house and yard as unclean and unkempt as themselves. Trash, car parts, furniture and animals (often goats, chickens & ducks) fill a pinkeyes house and yard.

Because their yards are the black-eye of any neighborhood, most pinkeye's live in small clusters know as a "Pinkeye Village" (the most well-known of which is located in East Taunton, MA.)

Pinkeye does is in fact relate to the medical term pinkeye as both flourish in close quarters where there is little to no hygiene.

The term pinkeye is used almost exclusively in South-Eastern Massachusetts.
Clean up this yard it's starting to look like pinkeye village!
#jucket #swamp yankee #pink eye #pink-eye #pinkeye village
by rte79 February 25, 2011
A pinkeye is where someone does a bear cheak fart to the pillow of a friend or enemy leaving a bit of remains on the pillow so that when they go to sleep the lie of the affected area and wake up with a pink eye.
1: Ah man you got proper pinkeye'd last night

2: Tell me about it
#pink eye #pinkeye #pnkeye #ponkeye #pinkeey
by Almost. March 09, 2008
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