When the rectum resembles a pink sock. One's ass falling out.
"dude, do you know what a pink sock is?"
"isnt that the amusing thing with a rectum?"
by flaming_ibanez October 19, 2007
when a man donkey punches a woman (buttfucking her, then knocks her out, resulting in her ass getting really tight) and immediately after her ass gets tight, he pulls out his cock and her intestines come out her ass. the woman usually dies after this
the only reason your sister's still around is because i haven't pinksocked her yet
by dan tumi October 02, 2003
When the intestine comes out with the penis when engaging in anal intercourse. One way of causing this to happen is to-just before you pull out - throw a bucket of ice water on your partner's back and while it's arched from the icy water pull out. This will cause the intestine to come out with your penis and your penis will be wearing it like a sock
Peter: "why is she so mad at you?"
Brad: "We tried anal last night and I gave her a pink sock"

Girl: "Take me to the hospital before my pink sock gets dirty"
by RhinoIV November 12, 2014
When your vagina is so loose that it develops a tongue, resembling a pink sock.
That bitch was so loose she looked like she was giving birth to a pink sock
by Blacknigga22 August 29, 2014
V.) When finishing anal intercourse and removing the penis from the anus, the lining of the anus comes WITH the penis.

Can be prevented with lube.

Happens frequently to homos and whores.
Bob: I pink socked Kayla last night.
Tyler: Dude that is fucking sick!
by Sonny_its_urgent July 10, 2008
When used as a verb it means ass fucking them so hard their organs come out of thier ass when they are done.
Shut up or i'll pink sock you, betch!
by Xanxcore January 24, 2007
when a guy&girl are having anal sex and right before the guy cums he hits the girl over the head with a pink sock so her butt cheeks clench.
My girl finally agreed to do anal, but i pulled the pink sock trick: bad idea.
by SHANNONR6909 October 28, 2011
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