When the intestine comes out with the penis when engaging in anal intercourse. One way of causing this to happen is to-just before you pull out - throw a bucket of ice water on your partner's back and while it's arched from the icy water pull out. This will cause the intestine to come out with your penis and your penis will be wearing it like a sock
Peter: "why is she so mad at you?"
Brad: "We tried anal last night and I gave her a pink sock"

Girl: "Take me to the hospital before my pink sock gets dirty"
by RhinoIV November 12, 2014
Reversed female anal cavity
I fucked her so hard, I gave her a pink sock.
by John Balsack June 18, 2008
when a man donkey punches a woman (buttfucking her, then knocks her out, resulting in her ass getting really tight) and immediately after her ass gets tight, he pulls out his cock and her intestines come out her ass. the woman usually dies after this
the only reason your sister's still around is because i haven't pinksocked her yet
by dan tumi October 02, 2003
When your vagina is so loose that it develops a tongue, resembling a pink sock.
That bitch was so loose she looked like she was giving birth to a pink sock
by Blacknigga22 August 29, 2014
The act of which caused by pulling out of a someones ass so fast, their anus and anal tract form a tube outside their body. It is usually followed by ripping it off
Aww man I just gave her the biggest pink sock
by Ian98 December 02, 2013
the act of having anal sex, doggy style, then proceeding to elbow your partner in the back of the head, causing him/her to lose consciousness, then pulling your penis out. The result is your partner's rectum exiting the abdominal cavity which resembles a pink sock.
So i fucking this bitch in the ass the other day, and decided to give her a pink sock, and before she woke up i was gone!
by theskeetshoota_1992 February 13, 2013
when a girl gets fucked in the ass, and the guy pulls out to fast her pink sock will come with it and dangle.
did you see that chick just trip over that sick ass pink sock?
by DYL MILL May 18, 2010

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