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when a man, particularly south asian, bangs a kinky sex slave in every hole cause her to explode pink cake batter all over you dick and you eat it.

do you know the pink muffin man that lives in south asia and slams fat bitches.
Dude my bro curtis was telling me how he pink muffined the shit out of his indian slave bitch and it tasted better than marges dirty vaginal cabbage juice.
by sex slave master69 my nipples January 10, 2011
When a man or woman gets penetrated in their butt so much that there booty hole is swelling to a shape of a muffin.
Girl 1 -Johnny and i do anal so much I have a PINK MUFFIN now.
Girl 2 - Noice.
via giphy
by FEUJsz January 04, 2016
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