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a white person with pink undertone skin that gets sunburned easily and looks like the red ass of a monkey
stop dicking around in the trailer park, you pink monkey
by Pink Pig Skinned Honky March 21, 2010
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You do a pink monkey when you say something that has no link at all with the subject of a conversation. It is always surprising, (even sometimes shocking) and people do not know what to say then.
"-Yesterday, my grand father died.
- Oh I'm sorry for you... I love chocolates...
-... That was a big pink monkey!"

"I love chocolates" is a pink monkey
by fucking french November 13, 2009
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Used to describe a woman's pussy or vagina because of its large flappy lips and tendency to drool when hungry
Damn bro your new Asian girl is bomb, you tapped that yet?

Yeah man just last night but her pink monkey was so tight I thought it was gonna bite my dick off!!
by sirhamsterlot February 01, 2013
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A Pink Monkey is a heart breaker or a player, someone that is good with the ladys known to break hearts with no remorse
That damn pink monkey @$$hole broke my heart
by smertrios March 28, 2010
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