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A phrase used to end a text message conversation at any time. Attempting to continue the conversation after "pink lemon" has been stated is uncouth.
Texter A: "all right, we'll skype at 8!"
Texter B: "okay, see you then! pink lemon."

Texter A: "wtf I can't believe Sherri got them to do a threesome with her!"
Texter B: "I know she is such a slut!"
Texter A: "wait, so did the guys do anything with each other?"
Texter B: "pink lemon."
by limesafari April 04, 2011
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When a woman's vagina squirts sour cum after orgasm
Damn foo,my girl shot a pink lemon on me after she came.
by jesus mcgee September 13, 2013

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