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the female equivalent of blue balls. when a girl is sexually stimulated to the point of climax but for whatever reason climax is not reached. usually occurs due to interruption during coitus or having a partner who can't hold his load.
Gwenn: holy shit, Adrienne! me and Gavin were going at it last night and my parents came home early. he practically shriveled up at the sound of my mom's voice. and i was so close too. worst night ever!

Adrienne: damn sounds like a bad case of pink balls to me...
by Xxmoon_lightxX April 19, 2011
Men get blue ones..women can get pink ones. It is when another women talks of a great recipe they made, or pair of shoes they bought, or a great pair of jeans. They get you all can't wait to try it/borrow them.

Then you go over to their house to try/check these this items out..but the food is nasty, the jeans/shoes are ugly. Your bubble is deflated, no just got pink balls!
Hubby: Your home early.

Me: Yeah, my sister gave me pink balls.

Hubby: What!?

Me: Yeah, she told me she made Strawberry-Jello-Pretzel salad, I got all excited and went over to her house to have some.

Hubby: OK, and..

Me: It was GROSS..she made it wrong..took one bite and it wasn't worth the calories. She got me all excited and I just got Pink Balls!
What Caucasian men have; very light, raw looking pink colored balls sometimes with blue veins on em
I saw Todd nude the other day and he had the pinkest nutbag I've ever seen
by shameka June 04, 2005
Unlike Blue Balls Pink Balls is the point where you are deep inside a female and your balls are hitting the pink portion of the vagina.
I was sexing Tina last night and my balls was smacking the walls inside the pussy lips, i had "pink balls".

Cheryl was on top of me grinding so hard my balls were hitting the pink... yeah dog i had "pink balls"!
by Loyaltdclub July 21, 2016
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