What Caucasian men have; very light, raw looking pink colored balls sometimes with blue veins on em
I saw Todd nude the other day and he had the pinkest nutbag I've ever seen
by shameka June 04, 2005
Top Definition
the female equivalent of blue balls. when a girl is sexually stimulated to the point of climax but for whatever reason climax is not reached. usually occurs due to interruption during coitus or having a partner who can't hold his load.
Gwenn: holy shit, Adrienne! me and Gavin were going at it last night and my parents came home early. he practically shriveled up at the sound of my mom's voice. and i was so close too. worst night ever!

Adrienne: damn sounds like a bad case of pink balls to me...
by Xxmoon_lightxX April 19, 2011
Men get blue ones..women can get pink ones. It is when another women talks of a great recipe they made, or pair of shoes they bought, or a great pair of jeans. They get you all excited..stimulated...you can't wait to try it/borrow them.

Then you go over to their house to try/check these this items out..but the food is nasty, the jeans/shoes are ugly. Your bubble is deflated, no climax..you just got pink balls!
Hubby: Your home early.

Me: Yeah, my sister gave me pink balls.

Hubby: What!?

Me: Yeah, she told me she made Strawberry-Jello-Pretzel salad, I got all excited and went over to her house to have some.

Hubby: OK, and..

Me: It was GROSS..she made it wrong..took one bite and it wasn't worth the calories. She got me all excited and I just got Pink Balls!

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