Send a ping query to see how long it takes for the signal to reach from the sender to the receiver.
He said ping me cuz he was lagging out during counter-strike.
by CorporationX June 21, 2004
Top Definition
To send a signal or make brief contact.

Recently from computer networking, where one computer (usually a client) will send a quick, pointless query to another computer (usually a server) in order to find out if it is still online and see how long the response takes.

Originally from the naval warfare practice of "active sonar" where one ship (usually a surface ship) will send out a given sound or "ping" in order to measure the direction and delay in the "echo" of that sound off of another body (usually a submarine.
Can we go to the movie tomorrow?
I don't know... Ping me around eight and we'll see how things are going.
by Honor June 23, 2004
1) To get my attention
2) To call me


'ping' is a computer network utility program used to determine the accessability of another computer on a network. Information gathered from the 'ping' program can also show the amount of time it took to contact the other computer thereby establishing if there are network delays between the two systems.

The usage of this term probably originated with computer hobbyists or folks working in the computer industry.
1) "Hey, if the computer crashes, ping me and I'll take a look at it"

2) "I'm not sure where on campus I'll be later, so ping me and I'll let you know"
by Lazlo June 24, 2004
Typically said on IRC when someone wants to find out how fast their internet response is. People reading this should then PING the person requesting.
<luser> Arg! my network sucks this morning.
<luser> ping me
/ctcp luser ping
luser PING reply: 84 secs
by sublimal June 25, 2004
in internet command/term that tells the amount of time it took your computer to respond to another computers signal. A computers internet reflex if you will. Ping refers to the other computer bouncing a signal off you computer and it bouncing, or pinging back.
Q: Whats my ping?
A: 78ms
by Hellfire June 23, 2004
A term used widely on IRC. To ping someone is to send them a packet of data and record the time it takes for their PC to respond. This is meseared in miliseconds, and the lower, the better.
Dude, i r teh pingz j00!

rofl! w/e

woah sheet, 23ms!
by Nick June 23, 2004
from computer networks, ping a computer to see if it alive
contact me, ask me
by TF June 22, 2004
ping is a tool used to test the delay between two hosts on the internet. 'ping me' is what you would say to someone if you wanted to test certain things like delay, connectivity, etc
A: I can't get to your website?
B: Can you ping me?
by froke June 25, 2004
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