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An extremely annoying or overplayed song on the radio. This definition comes from dialogue in the film Live Free or Die Hard when John McClane turns on the classic radio station and the song 'Fortunate Son' by Creedence Clearwater Revival is playing:

John McClane: You don't like Creedence?
Matt Farrell: This is like having a pinecone shoved in my ass.
('Clumsy' starts playing) "Not this pinecone again!"

"What's that new pinecone by Avril Lavigne called?"

"'Gimme More' is such a huge pinecone!"
by Jordan12345 September 20, 2008
4 14
noun: a hard, conical shaped poo that comes out thin side first, thickest side last. 99% of all pinecone's result in excessive pushing, a clenched jaw, and extreme discomfort. a pinecone is similar to a feet-first birth.
marc: "dude, i just shat a massive pinecone!"
chris: "thats disturbing.."
by the storm drains May 19, 2009
258 25
code for slut/whore/basically any girl on a college campus. By calling these girls pinecones, people can openly talk about them without the pinecones even knowing.
(girls with basically no clothes on walk by)

"Dude, do you smell some pinecones or is it just me?"
"Yeah man i smell it, there must be a pine tree around here somewhere."
by Art M. Typal October 30, 2011
35 14
Misspelling of pineapple.
I sure love pinecones.
by Rammacore November 01, 2012
8 2
The kind of shit which involves tear-jerking pain and spiked feces coming out of your asshole. This is arguably the most horrible form of shit. It feels as if there is something slicing your bowels as you force it out of your bum.
"Johnny, are you okay?!"
by @____________________________@ November 05, 2009
15 10
A type of sex where the man uses a studded condom.
I totally pine coned this chick last night.
by ppppjj September 03, 2006
20 15
A joint, or marijuana cigarette. Typically rolled in a cone shape, but not necessarily. A term coined by Pittsburgh based rapper Beedie.
I like to steam pinecones on the daily.
by GURUSTU412 March 05, 2013
4 1
Verb: To intentionally clog an unsuspecting host's toilet by the deposition of an excessively dense, smelly and bulbous shit. This action is preformed properly when said shit is visible even after the initial flush, as if someone had dumped pine cones in the bowl.
Why sir, thank you very much for pineconing my toilet while you were hammered last night. You should really pinecone the movie theater next time instead.
by docHolliday December 02, 2013
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