Man, that guys pinchies made my nose and face numb.
by pinchyheads October 20, 2010
Top Definition
A small tobacco/marijuana pipe. Usually looks like a short cylinder and is said to hold a "pinch" of whatever smokeable is aptly enjoyed, but shit cuz, it'll get u higher than a...ummm......braw!
"Dude, pack dat pinchy boi! We need to blaze before the midnight cattle drive playyyya!"
by JO-E-ZizzA! October 31, 2003
a little pipe, not a spoon, with no vertical bowl porturuding from the horizontal "tube" or pipe.

===< <-insert shit there, because that is a pinchy.
i just picked up this pinchy, man. it fits right in my pocket. i just pull it out and hit it and its all good.
by sam February 25, 2005
A person who pinches another mans lady or a lady that has been lined up for the night.. pinchy status is excluded if the lady has been deamed "fair game" either the terms have not been discussed on the lady, or both parties want a crack at the lady.
Baxter totally became pinchy last night when he stuck it in the girl leon wanted to have a crack at
by Onetouch97 August 16, 2009
Mood made from a combination of other feelings.
Such as to be annoyed, sad, frustrated, and angry all at the same time is to be Pinchy.

Someone who is pinchy presents one or more of the following: frowns on foreheads, single word responses, silent treatment, sighs, evil glares.
A: "whats wrong?"
B: "nothing grrrrrr" >:(
A: "dont be pinchy"
by Melauren October 04, 2006
a pinch full of weed usually stolen from someone else
"Hey do you have a bowl on you?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Because i just stole a pinchy from alex."
by scar_420 August 05, 2006
when taygays cousins came to visit from texas aka Odessa aka O town the guhetto of the rich bitches
yo nigga look at that trick ass pinchy checkin out my ass earlier
by Beneric December 03, 2004
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