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to get arrested by the police.... a very old term.
I was pinched by the cops.
by d0c February 12, 2008
156 37
Vinny shot the guy in front of a dozen people. He was sure to get pinched.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
259 102
To get downed by a zombie or more. (Referred to Call of Duty Nazi Zombies.)
Damn it why did you guys use the teleporter?! I got pinched by a million zombies!!
by DrumzKickAss July 04, 2011
7 26
the name for when you've been doing an eight ball of cocaine to yourself and are feeling paranoid and nervous.
you are so pinched on coke, I can't believe you are going to a family dinner in 10 minutes.
by dave6996 March 25, 2010
13 35
To take a small amount of weed.
I just pinched some from the bag for now.
by MunkySox June 01, 2004
41 76