A term that means "fucking" when preceding a noun. Used by many dirty mexicans in football/soccer games worldwide to diss other teams who have no fucking idea that they are cursing at them.
whilst shaking hands after a tough win.........

Me: Good game...Good game

Mexican: Pinche puta (fucking bitch)

Me: You played well too
by HelenKeller's TWAT August 03, 2010
"Pinche" is not an SPANISH slang, it is a MEXICAN slang, which means that only mexicans use it. So not every spanish-castilian speaking contries recognize this word besides that they all know that again, it is used by MEXICANS.

It is a term that means, asshole, idiot, or useless person, objects or uncofortable situations.
charro (or mexican): la pinche motocicleta no enciende.

mexican: orale me pican las pinches pelotas guey
colombian: perdon?? (excuse me?)
by kennysdsd March 20, 2009
a)In Chile, pinche is a flat wire hairpin with prongs that press close/together.
b)It is also used to describe the person one is flirting with.

"Tienes pinches para tomarte el pelo?"
(Do you have a clip to pull your hair back?)

"Necesito un pinche para el pelo"
(I need a Bobby Pin for my hair)

"Tengo un pinche en Santiago"
(I'm flirting with someone in Santiago)
by Beatriz November 09, 2005
The assistant to a cook often used to belittle someone.
trabaja de pinche en el restaurant
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
Used to confuse those who do not understand spanish while you are cursing at them. Often mixed with english to provide this effect.
Hey, go to hell you pinche faggot.
by Moose September 24, 2003
to be stingy; not letting people use your shit
This pinche white boy thinks he owns the place.
by Chicano December 01, 2003

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