Sexual term used to describe having sex with a pregnant lady and then beating her in the stomach till she miscarries the baby.
I couldn't stand to be a father so I pinatad that bitch.
by MexiMeltyCheese March 06, 2009
1. A sort of verbal shorthand term for a very attractive or desirable woman. As in "I'd hit that until candy came out."
When the beautiful woman left the store, Josh and Ben looked at each other and said "Pinata".
by the7thson October 28, 2007
This is when you take your balls and place them to the side of a sleeping friends face then smack his cheeks with them. This move is completely heterosexual.
Hey last night Jim fell asleep at 8:00 so I gave him a pinata.
by Jack Ellsbury August 15, 2007
(Also known as ceiling fan)
After-party after-math, where the female is hanging from the ceiling, or if you're lucky, a fan, while the male lies below and enjoys.
Damn! David got a pinata last night!

by ralaquishamontel December 16, 2007
A black person (usually of the Jamaican persuasion) who puts colorful ribbons, rubber bands, hair ties, etc... into their hair.
"There goes a pinata who I would like to rip wide open."
by GLGreen Lantern June 24, 2007
A beaten thing.
Jorge was a chronic self abuser. He treated his male member as a pinata.
by megnao flimpis August 12, 2003
A female who is extremely good looking but, has so much baggage or is so emotional no one wants a relationship with her due to that fact.
Steve: "Man that girl is fine!"
Joe: "She is a pinata. Everyone wants to hit her, but no one wants to clean up the mess"
by Trasaris July 26, 2006
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