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A cocktail made with pineapple juice or pineapple chunks, coconut cream, and rum. Known for its sweet, easy-drinking taste that masks a sizable alcohol content (around 2 oz of rum per drink).
Lisa made out with Chris after one too many Pina Coladas last night.
by subhuman85 November 04, 2006
During a 3-some involving 2 guys and one girl, One guy ejaculates and one guy pees into the girl's open mouth. She then gargles mixing the concoction into a substance largely resembling the popular alcoholic beverage.
Guy #1: hey girl are you thirsty?

Girl: yes very

Guy #2: well then open up and we will make you a Pina Colada
by the bartender123 August 20, 2010
A great cocktail that contains
pineapple juice
Lisa and I ordered a pina coladas at the resturant.
by .Lynn. June 20, 2005
A terrible song.
Do you like piña coladas?
Or getting caught in the rain?
Or the feel of the ocean?
Or the taste of champagne?
by xHilarious iFunny November 11, 2014
A pina colada is known as a cocktail, on the other hand if you have a VERY immature mind a pina colada is known as a penis!!
Darian: Do you like pina coladas?!?!
Shannon: O yes, very creamy
Darian: *laughs*
by Pina coladassss July 10, 2008
A drink you make for your girlfriend so that she can drink it while you bury your face between her legs.
Would you like a "Pina Colada" tonight?


"Last night, Heath made me a Pina Colada."
"Yes, and he went down on me while I drank it..."
by Sheepus Minimus March 13, 2010
The semen and juices left on the dick, ass, and wherever from a polynesian piledriver
Nick: Man I fucked the hell out of that sluth earlier

Brian: Did you give her the polnesian piledriver?

Nick: Yeah she had pina colada running down her legs when I kicked her out!
by Double Bs May 06, 2008
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