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man with tiny pin-like dick
kirk has a pin dick
by georgia1818 August 10, 2009
21 11
a guy wth a samll or thin dick
eww he had a pin dick

or i couldnt give him head he has a pin dick (lyke paying a guy out)
by sam February 22, 2005
94 22
A man with a short and thin penis.
"Because his package was inadequate to satisfy her, she called him "pindick the bugfucker."
by boutsos May 21, 2005
68 15
Laughably small dick that could never please a woman.
beta_male2@yahoo.com from Boston has a pindick and enjoys it being laughed at as a coping mechanism. That is why he made this post.
by beta_male2@yahoo.com October 07, 2009
37 10
a guy, or chick with a dick,who has a hilariously small package!
steven d
by Valeria March 16, 2003
40 20
Tiny dick. Comparable to that belonging to a three year old, but attached to an adult male.
Blair from Big Brother has a pin-dick.
by Frank Davis May 24, 2006
24 7