to combine delicious and pimp making pimpilicious,describing something you think is very enjoyable
that hat is pimpilicious
by Brandon the big pimp January 03, 2009
Top Definition
The pimp of all pimpness; the grand slam of pimpness
That Shirt is pimpilicious
by Beef Cake101 April 14, 2004
A word that means that something is amazingly cool, awesome, god-given greatness. A positive adjective.
"Is that necklace new, Keira?"
"Its so fucking pimpilicious!"
"Thanks, love!"
by wilbesgirlie May 11, 2008
Anything that is worthy of being called pimpin', jivin', or candy deprivin'. Also used to define the pimp celebrity, Brady Gandy.
Last halloween, Grandpa's costume was absolutely pimpilicious.
by Brady Gandy September 01, 2006
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