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female pimp, female with large number of males around her
(insert name here) was being a pimpette when she went to the movies with 3 guys
by Link of Crocker January 26, 2008
13 3
The word Pimpette, was derived from the Roman term "Pimp" meaning: A man that can attract women, with his manipulating words, and his charming persona, to get women to treat him like he was the best thing since "sliced bread." In turn, a Pimpette is the exact opposite of a Pimp.
Pimp: "Baby, if you trying to dine in all the fancy places, mingle with all the important faces, and stay cool, when ask you to have patience, then you need to come with me, so I can bless you with all my Amazing Graces."
Female: "And who is you."
Pimp: "Eternal Happiness."
A Pimpette is basically doing the same thing.
by PAPA J November 16, 2006
15 7
pimpette a girl that can get any guy they want, no questions asked. whether she likes it or not, all dem dudes be holla-in at her.
KELSiE and FRANSiNA are such pimpettes that when they go to a party, guys line up askin for numbers
by ninjazzzman. August 28, 2004
28 20
a gurl who can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants from whoever she wants, as long as they think that she's a hottie.
Alex always has all of the hot cholos all over her at school!
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
14 10
A girl with many, boys that like or love her. people envy her and want to be her and to be her friend. She is simple but irresistible, guys like to cheese to her to get attention or get in her good books.
that katty sizzle is a pimpette
by SHUU!! November 10, 2009
4 2
1. Another word for female pimp
2. Describing an outfit as very gangster
3. Looking hot
Damn that dress is totally pimpette!
That girl is so pimpette.
by Lanyb October 23, 2007
6 4
A female pimp
Other word for Slut
"I have had 3 boyfriends!"
"Youre such a pimp-ette"
by KevinC May 12, 2004
4 2