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Pimpalimpin is another way of saying something is cool or rad. Its mostly used by white preppy kids who try to be gangster
White kid: Damn that new Mercedes my mom bought me is pimpalimpin!!
by Gina L. October 29, 2006
1. When the weight of being so pimp or having so much swag causes you to physically limp. Signs of a pimpalimp are sagging of the pants and seemingly having no bones in the limbs.

The pimpalimp is usually used by posers but occasionally by the megadouche. If you see someone pimpalimpin please consult a physician.

2. Often meant to mean "cool" because there weren't enough words to say that already.
Guy 1: Check out that swaggot over there!

Guy 2: Holy shit! He's pimpalimpin! We should get him to a doctor.


Swaggot: Wow! Iz so trick ass pimpalimpin dat we gots da paper!

Normal guy: You are a swaggot.
by Christoaster99 February 21, 2014
The act of limping in a pimp-like manner. Also may be known as "pimp swag"
Chief Long Branch and his son Flaming Duck started pimpalimpin when they walked into Amsterdam's red light district.
by Boon Diggety October 16, 2009
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