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An absolutely disturbing programme found on MTV late at night so as not to scare little children! As an Englishman, I feel a great burden has been placed on my shoulders, having to live with this disgusting display of English folk (again) trying to copy Americans! Don't get me wrong, I do actually like Pimp My Ride(USA). But Westwood? Please MTV, get rid of this cack!
(TV): "yo, this is Westwood, i'm a middle aged man trying to break onto tv, but the trouble is, I talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, i'm an ageing white man trying to be black! I really should be at home with a cup of milky tea, watching Coronation Street!"
(Normal non chav person!): Damn right Horlicks boy, get yourself to bed!
by Ricardo G-man June 28, 2005
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