A) A man who sells his penis for sex. This differs from a bigolo(a male prostitute) in that it refers only to a certain body part: the penis.
B) A penis that has had many sexual encounters.
You can also say: pimpsticking, pimpsticked
A) Dude! Jason has so much bling since he became a pimpstick.
B)With all the sex Jason's had, his weiner is just a regular pimpstick.
Other ways to use: Jason's penis is totally pimpsticking!/Yes my brother, that chick has officially been pimpsticked.
by Captain Cervix September 29, 2006
jimmy the pimpstick
by clit commander July 20, 2003
A person who is a dumbass or total tool. Refers to the canes carried by pimps which are used to smack bitches up.
Jamie's last boyfriend was a complete pimp stick.
by LotusSutra November 29, 2005
A pimp's erect penis used inplace of a trick beating stick or pimp cane.
"Bitch give me my motha fuckin money or I'm gonna beat yo monkey ass with my pimp stick again"
by JJ420 September 07, 2006
The Wing Wong of a Straight up Player. Used to beat the pussy of hoes into submission...
" She just need some of this Pimp Stick"
by J Love December 20, 2003

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