Slappin yo bitch up
I pimpslapped dat ho
by MMUSJ2 September 07, 2003
What I do to keep little Nicky in line.
Nick got his ass pimp slapped by the truest G.
by DirtyJeeves April 17, 2003
to stick one foot out and put baby powder on your hand and backslap an asshole across the face with an open palm
snoop doggy dog pimp slapped his mama
by Dianaz October 18, 2003
The process of sprinkling some baby powder on your hand, and then hitting your ho in da face with an open palm. This would leave an obvious imprint.
*Sprinkles baby powder on his hand and pimp slaps the reader!* Fucker. You've just been made my bitch.
by Yeryon August 18, 2003
the art of placing baby powder in your hand in order to slap someone
Hey hand me some baby powder so i can slap this fool!
by wpiiltlt May 22, 2003
what you do to someone who is being dumb
Shut the hell up before I pimpslap you
by Juice April 26, 2003
v. to slap a person with his own wallet
Damn! That ho just pickpocketed that guy, pimpslapped him, and ballmashed him. He ain't never gonna try to tap that ass again!
by MattM13 November 08, 2005

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