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To be dismissed as irrelevant. To be put down verbally.
To be figuratively slapped .
Dude 1: Dude, that meeting was rough.
Dude 2: I know, the boss really pimp slapped you when you started to say we should stop focusing on the bottom line.
Dude 1: That bitch didn't even listen to me. I hate her.

Playa 1: Did ya see that hottie at the club last night giving me the once over?
Playa 2: N**** please, that hood rat was just checking you out 'cause she can't believe someone still wears Tommy in 2006.
Playa 1: Why you do me like that? I'm not some 'ho that you can pimp slap whenever you want.
by Bif Loman March 23, 2006
8 26
to powder you hand with baby powder then slappng someone across the face leaving a hand print.
i pimp slapped your mamma cuz she was blowing me niiiiccceeee!!!!
by crunkmasterj from crunk town usa January 01, 2006
9 28
1. when one lighty taps the side of the cheek of another person with the inside of the hand (palm/fingers) in an insulting manner
2. a slap on the side of the face meant to insult, but not to physically hurt
"bitch, you did not just pimp slap me."
by sammy mcc November 10, 2005
9 28
Verb: What I need to do to Preston for having a key to my apartment.
Stay out of my apartment biatch before I pimp slap your dumb ass!
by Sweet Gene March 30, 2005
16 35
Not a physical slap. Whenever a person of power puts down or otherwise rejects someone or something they suggest.
Dude 1: Can you beleive what happened to Julio in the meeting? Dude 2: I know the boss totally pimp slapped him when she rejected his idea.
by Bif Loman February 22, 2006
6 26
to hit the face with the open palm side of the hand. Usally hand coated with baby powder.
Bitch I will pimp slap the shit outta, man god damnit give me my baby powder!
by jigga.fromcali. May 18, 2003
12 32
A figurative slap in the form of a harsh, verbal put down, usually a superior (or someone who thinks they are) to a subordinate to show who is the pimp and who is the 'ho.
Dude 1: The boss gave you a real pimp slap this morning when you suggested flex time.
Dude 2: I know, in front of everyone. When she hasn’t been laid in a while, watch out, she will pimp slap you everytime.

Playa 1: Did you see that hottie eyeballing me at the club last night.
Playa 2: Please, that hood rat was mad dogging you because she can’t believe anyone is still wearing Tommy is 2006.
Play 1: Why you pimp slap me like that, I thought we were brothers?

by Bif Loman April 03, 2006
7 28