To be dismissed as irrelevant. To be put down verbally.
To be figuratively slapped .
Dude 1: Dude, that meeting was rough.
Dude 2: I know, the boss really pimp slapped you when you started to say we should stop focusing on the bottom line.
Dude 1: That bitch didn't even listen to me. I hate her.

Playa 1: Did ya see that hottie at the club last night giving me the once over?
Playa 2: N**** please, that hood rat was just checking you out 'cause she can't believe someone still wears Tommy in 2006.
Playa 1: Why you do me like that? I'm not some 'ho that you can pimp slap whenever you want.
by Bif Loman March 23, 2006
to powder you hand with baby powder then slappng someone across the face leaving a hand print.
i pimp slapped your mamma cuz she was blowing me niiiiccceeee!!!!
by crunkmasterj from crunk town usa January 01, 2006
1. when one lighty taps the side of the cheek of another person with the inside of the hand (palm/fingers) in an insulting manner
2. a slap on the side of the face meant to insult, but not to physically hurt
"bitch, you did not just pimp slap me."
by sammy mcc November 10, 2005
Verb: What I need to do to Preston for having a key to my apartment.
Stay out of my apartment biatch before I pimp slap your dumb ass!
by Sweet Gene March 30, 2005
Not a physical slap. Whenever a person of power puts down or otherwise rejects someone or something they suggest.
Dude 1: Can you beleive what happened to Julio in the meeting? Dude 2: I know the boss totally pimp slapped him when she rejected his idea.
by Bif Loman February 22, 2006
Slappin yo bitch up
I pimpslapped dat ho
by MMUSJ2 September 07, 2003
to hit the face with the open palm side of the hand. Usally hand coated with baby powder.
Bitch I will pimp slap the shit outta, man god damnit give me my baby powder!
by jigga.fromcali. May 18, 2003
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