A backhand slap across the face using the middle, index, and pinky finger. Mostly used by pimps to keep his hoes in order.
The bitch didn't gimmie my fuckin money so i pimp slapped her ass.
by xWildgun March 18, 2003
A backhand smack,slap, or hit (usually to the face) by a male. The Pimp Slap is used to just mess around, to hurt someone (offense or defence), or it is used by a Pimp when the "hoe won't give up all the money."
Also known as "Keeping the 'Pimp Hand' strong."
1) *Bob hits Jack*
Jack: Ow man what the hell?
Bob: Haha you just got Pimp Slapped!

2) *Someone tries to steal Bob's cell phone*
*Bob Pimp Slaps the robber*
Bob: Bitch dont even think about it!

3)A hoe makes $150 for having sex with a guy down the street. Later that day the Pimp comes to collect the money. The hoe gives him $100. The guy comes to the Pimp the next day asking for sex with the same hoe. He says he will pay the same $150 as he did yesterday. The Pimp realizes he was ripped off. The Pimp goes to the hoes house and Pimp Slaps her untill "the bitch gives up all the cash" The Pimp then makes her have sex weith the guy and the Pimp takes all the money.
by Faggot Bitch guy August 10, 2006
truly a bitch-slap on steroids. Form in execution is a must to avoid personal injury. Start with feet shoulder width apart, rotate at the hips, and release with a firm back-hand technique. This is the way a true pimp keeps da ho's in line.
Bitch, get yo ass out on da corner, for I pimp-slap u!
by Pimpin\'daLuv June 26, 2003
A slap to the face using the back of the hand. Or "a flip with a dip, catch the lip."
Pimp to hoe," Bitch, I'm gonna pimp slap you!"
by Cozette September 01, 2007
As shown in the movie How High, the new pimp slap is delivered with the palm of the hand dusted with baby powder, leaving a palm print on the face of the slapee.
old school pimp slap is basically a cross body back hand with the rest of the body remaining still.
did this hoe disrespect me? I'm gonna have to pimp slap her.... *SLAP!*
by Mikemikeymike Jones November 03, 2005
slap to the face using the back of the hand. called a pimp slap because the large rings a pimp wears will cut the face when hit with the back of the hand. this is distinct from a bitch slap which is with the palm of the hand.
he didn't get pimp slapped at the restaurant fight, he got bitch slapped.
by abysinth July 07, 2005
A back-handed slap, where you slowly bring your hand to your opposite shoulder and whip it out until fully extended, where you slap the face of whoever has disrespected you. If you get pimp slapped, you know you're a ho.
I thought Chris was my friend, until I realised that he didn't inhale, so I pimp slapped that ho.
by chr0n1cl4ntern August 13, 2008

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