A backhand smack,slap, or hit (usually to the face) by a male. The Pimp Slap is used to just mess around, to hurt someone (offense or defence), or it is used by a Pimp when the "hoe won't give up all the money."
Also known as "Keeping the 'Pimp Hand' strong."
1) *Bob hits Jack*
Jack: Ow man what the hell?
Bob: Haha you just got Pimp Slapped!

2) *Someone tries to steal Bob's cell phone*
*Bob Pimp Slaps the robber*
Bob: Bitch dont even think about it!

3)A hoe makes $150 for having sex with a guy down the street. Later that day the Pimp comes to collect the money. The hoe gives him $100. The guy comes to the Pimp the next day asking for sex with the same hoe. He says he will pay the same $150 as he did yesterday. The Pimp realizes he was ripped off. The Pimp goes to the hoes house and Pimp Slaps her untill "the bitch gives up all the cash" The Pimp then makes her have sex weith the guy and the Pimp takes all the money.
by Faggot Bitch guy August 10, 2006
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well...it really don't matter how many fingers you use. just remember that it's the back of the hand. not the palm. using the palm is the bitch slap. the back of the hand is the pimp slap.

How to preform:

While VERY angry, extend the right arm across your chest in a 90 degree angle. Tighten you bicepts, and Swing to the right with full SPEED, aiming for the cheek.

the goal is to connect as much of the back of your hand with as much force as possible.
Just finished pimp-slap(n) some dude for not comming up with the rent.
by adrian November 27, 2003
The act of backhanding the cheek, delivering the blow from across the body. This technique is delivered with little or no leg movement as not to disturb the garmet hanging from your shoulders. The act is usually performed with heels place together, toes pointed outward, knees locked and non pimpslapping hand cupped by your side. The result of a properly executed pimp slap is a very hurt look on the face of the slap-ee coupled with a quick reaction to hold the freshly slapped spot.
Bytch betta have my money...
by Rockness March 24, 2005
back hand slap walking away from target
Turn,slap,dont look back!Pimping 101!aslinda felt the pimpslap.
by dreammerchant October 27, 2005
A slap delivered as a backhand to the face for disciplinary reasons. Different from a "bitch slap", which uses the palm of the hand and can be recreational.
Don't make me pimp slap your dumb ass for talking back to me!
by Ernest Mueller July 06, 2005
what you do to your woman if you dont want to take her shit. best if followed up by, "BITCH, go make me a sandwich!" or a similar response.
girl: jeez, go turn off your WoW! you've been playing for 2 hours! how is a shitty game like that so interesting?

by make me a fuckin sandwich, jen January 14, 2010
To raise ones hand above the shoulder and with terminal velocity strike it across the face of the hoe.
My bitch was actin' up so I had to pimp-slap the hoe.
by Bro April 25, 2003
What a pimp does to his ho when she gets out of line.
Ho, I should pimpslap you for what you done!
by lj March 13, 2003

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