to powder you hand with baby powder then slappng someone across the face leaving a hand print.
i pimp slapped your mamma cuz she was blowing me niiiiccceeee!!!!
by crunkmasterj from crunk town usa January 01, 2006
to slap a female to keep her in order
to make it truly effective, excersise this frequently to keep it strong

To perform it: lean back and thrust your body forward, cock your wrist toward the cheek of the undisciplined ho

Ho: I dont Have the Money!

PIMP: Whack!!!
(Pimp Slap)
by B. PRICE May 20, 2008
A pimp slap is when you use the back of your hand to slap a pimp. This act is usually performed by a Pimp's whores or escorts.
Whores: Pimp slap!
Pimp: *gets slapped*
by pimpslapper69 September 23, 2010
When a guy bitch slaps another guy/girl. Since its a guy doing all the slapping its called a pimp slap.
Dude, I'm seriously going to pimp slap you upside the head.
by Paige92 March 28, 2008
Bustin out the bernie mac on a beatchs azz
I caught my girl foolin, and ha to pimp slap em both, then I shot the MOfo's
by k0ruptr April 29, 2003
It's the kind of slap to give when someone you know well says something so stupid or rude or mean you have the sudden urge to reach out and slap them to reality. Sometimes it involves mulitple slaps for the real sublime statements.
Girl friend you have a big ole butt... pimpslap time! She done left me 23 times but I still love her..... pimpslap time! Honey I had to buy the 500 foot wide TV... PIMPSLAP TIME!
by John Huckleberry or Huck April 11, 2003
A pimp slap is a knuckle slap with the back of the hand, then a bitch slap.
to pimp slap, use a flat hand, use your knuckles to slap the victim's right cheek with your right hand. Then, quickly, use your findertips to slap their left cheek.
by Katherine<3 November 05, 2006
while extending your forefingers, you thrust your arm in a forword motion making contact with a face of a ho, bitch, slut, former iraqi president, etc...
"woa that bitch got pimp slapped"
by dick April 12, 2003

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