Ridiculous American TV show on MTV, where the host Xzibit gets his shit band of mechanics, interior specialists etc, to make a really crappy car, into a really crappy tacky car. One worth a watch!!!
"Hey I'm Xzibit, and im here to pimp yo' ride"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005
Ebonic for 'Modify my car'
Pimp my ride!
by Gruntus August 11, 2008
A show where cars are taken from white people and then turned into a car which only a stuck-up (black) rapper would drive. They put spreewell wheels, lots of chrome, etc. Not to mention useless stuff like a turntable in the back. (where do you put your bags/luggage?)
I got my car pimped and got an official invitation to Harlem.
by Freakasync June 23, 2005
i dont really think they "rice" the ride, since i dont think these people will be racing these cars. and since when does dvd monitors, and new interior make it look like a fast car? anyway pimp my ride is a sick show, where the team at West Coast Customs take a hooptie and transform it into a nutso lookin ride so people can get their friends back. the team at WCC are geniuses
please MTV!!!! Pimp my Ride!!!!!
by Jizz-osh January 07, 2005
When your wife isn't good in bed you might want to take her to a pimp who shows her what it means not to be good in bed.
man: yo! pimp my ride!
pimp: yeah, i'm going to pimp your ride real bad. she won't be able to walk for 2 days after that.
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
it's a show with a bunch of motherfuckers who going to pimp someone's ride don't make me laugh. the people who's cars get pimped, do have money enough to do it by themselves. so that's a freaked out show.

xzibit is a strange looking motherfucker who fucks everyone that he sees.
X to the Z sucks definitly
by Mr. B For Death life. April 14, 2005

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