A stupid show that is fun to watch on MTV. They take some ones broke down old car and repair the outer parts of it and interior. and usally add one ridiculously stupid part like a mini basket ball court in there trunk or a fooze ball table. Hosted by rap star xzibit (X to the Z) and the employees of West Coast Customs.
man-Yo did you check out that dudes ride?
Girl-Yea xzbit pimped it
Man- Ah nice (grabs part of womens shit and pulls on it once) Youve been pimped!
by Gogo January 29, 2005
a hot tv show hosted by xzibit.
did you see that new episode of pimp my ride, that guy got a fishtank in his car
by that guy April 14, 2004
Each week, Xzibit jacks a white boy's car, takes it to his crib - West Coast Customs - strips it, sells the parts to his homies and paints it neon green with a roller.

Before returning it to the unsuspecting dupe, he replaces the interior with stupid shit relevant to the owner's interests (according to the dupe's so-called friends).

For example, say the victim loves pizza: Xzibit will rip out the glove-box and replace it with a pizza oven. Just some of the many hilariously useless accessories Xzibit and his crew have managed to stuff into their customers' rides:

* A fishtank in the backseat of a Mitsubishi Mirage -

* A bowling ball polisher in the trunk of an Acura
Legend -

* A clothes dryer in the back of a VW Microbus -

* A 10" monitor under a Toyota 4Runner -

* A fireplace in the back of a Chevy Blazer -

However, most of this shit not only has no place in a private jet, much less a car, but violates most states' Vehicle Codes in numerous ways and thus renders the car both dangerous and not street legal.
Pimp My Ride is a TV show.
by Grounder August 02, 2009
A car show watched by Chavs and my little sister where a bunch of mechanics make a crappy car look like a tacky car. (Usually by adding something mad / useless like a water fountain.)
Chav 1: Did you watch Pimp My Ride?
Chav 2: Hell yeah, I was lovin' it
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 25, 2005
A show on MTV that turns even the whitest kid black.
*Ginger kid with freckles opens door to see Xzibit* "Awwww hell no, dawg! You have GOT to me kidding me! You gone pimp my ride, my man? Oh word!" *plants and awkward gangsta hug*
by Joey Jo-Jo January 28, 2008
Famous MTV program where random people cars are given a gangsta' style for free: painting, electronics, rims.. ¿¿¡¡you know what im sayin'!!??
Hey Kooaz-E-Melvin...Im gonna pimp your ride yo fat ass.
by MC cooleeo March 03, 2005
A television programme which applies the conventions of home decorating programmes to cars. A damaged late model ( though sometimes older) car is rebuilt and fitted with everything from spoliers and bodykits to almost camp touches that are supposed to reflect the owner's personality. These can, more often than not, be seen as tacky, vulgar, tasteless and even unsafe. These touches include panelling over rear windscreens, pick up beds filled with monitors or in car chandeliers, for example.

Criticisms of the show are that it's more style than substance in both its presentation, content and the finished vehicle being campily over the top, having its practicality diminished by reduced luggage space in the trunk. Also, very little (if any) practical instruction is given on how to do something like lower your car's suspension safely or make your own grille insert. Instead it focuses on fancy post-production techniques, shots of the finished car at outrageous camera angles and the owner's reaction to it.
The show has also been criticised for glorifying sexism by implicitly glamourising the sexual exploitation of women and gay men by the use of the word "pimp", making it socially acceptable by changing the meaning to something else. To-wit: rebuilding a car. By extension, it is argued that it perpetuates the stereotype that connects African-Americans with criminality and violence.
"Pimp my ride" is a show that should be called "Camp my Ride" instead, considering what they do to the cars.
by Chris Henniker December 11, 2006
Should be called rice my ride.
Hey Xhibitch, will you PLEASSEEE rice my ride!!!
by Shawn September 03, 2004
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