One who is constant company of the opposite sex, often to exploit or seek pleasure in multiple, sexual ways.
CJ is my pimpdaddy!
I am lost without my pimpdaddy.
by CJ of CLHS March 17, 2003
Top Definition
Cool guy that has a fly ride, and can get bitches and weed in less than an hour.
"Hey pimp daddy, I gotz to get crunked tonight...can you hook it up?"
by Pimp Juice April 19, 2004
A cool guy who has tons of chicks that like him.
Todd is such a pimp daddy.
by emplynx December 03, 2004
The head and master Pimp, but now a days known as a guy who gets a-lot of girls.
Matt: "Hey the football star of my team mark griffith is a pimp daddy"
Francis: "yeah he gets mad girls"
by playaplays June 01, 2009
What a nude model calls her manager.
"Don't use my real name anymore. I'm Pimp Daddy to you now."
"Not until you have a velvet suit."
by MarksB*tch May 13, 2010
a guy who has lots of bitches
"wat up bitch"
"wat up pimp daddy"
"we gon be pimpin mah ho's"
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
A Nigger, thats a gangster with alot of bitches, he gets his drugs from tons of other niggers, all other niggers won't to be like him. He gets all his money from his hos and gives the money to other niggers for drugs. Also he has a pimp-mo-bill. 100% True.
Bitch wheres my money, so I can go get in my pimp-mo-bill and go gets some drugs from my niggers. Hurry up bitch my hos are waiting. Pimp Daddy out. Bitch Please. Get that money.
by Big Platuim Balls November 27, 2009

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