If u are a pimp then u have the best job in the world.
snoop dogg and magic don juan. not 50 cent he is becomin 1.
by Steely November 13, 2003
a young boy who has sex with older women.
chris (pixelphreak) is a pimp!
by Pixel August 13, 2002
As an adjective: If somethin' is pimpin', it's pretty darn cool. It's probably something "normal" that's tricked out ghettolicious and gawdy.
Basically, you look very ghettofab and blingbling.

However, as a verb
1.) to pimp something out is to *make* it look very ghettofab and all that nifty stuff in the above paragraph.
2.) to pimp is to advertise (generally, in an enthusiastic sense) or to call attention in order to bring acclaim to something; to promote.
Somebody buys some hideous plaid pants and then adds about five pounds of metal chains ... well, that's pimpin'.

A friend creates a collage of ... Angelina Jolie's various tattoos ... you pimp the collage to others, so that they'll see her work.
by karen.elizabeth March 19, 2004
1. (verb) To consort with multiple women.
2. (noun) One who consorts with multiple women, running a business in which the women sell their bodies for the profit of both themselves and the pimp.
1) Check it dawg, I be pimpin' da hoes.
2) Mah nigga Jacquan be da tightest pimp in da wes' side.
by reyflyinfury619 April 26, 2003
one who sells women, has no repect for women, beats women, selfcentered, ignorant, cocksucking basterd. any one who has seen a starving homeless hooker thats addicted to drugs will know what im talking about.
"im starving and want to find a real jod but my pimp wont let me. he will just beat me and force me to do drugs and have sex for his benifet"
by hac ram March 11, 2005
A man who acts as a prostitute's manager. They often claim much of the money that the prostitutes earn, saying that it's legititmate since they "protect the prostitutes from harm." The "protection" is a lie, since pimps are known to be physically and/or mentally abusive to the prostitute(s) and often encourage them to take up drugs, so that addiction will keep them dependant on their pimp.

Pimps are known to "befriend" girls and women who are runaways and/or are doing poorly, promising comfort... thus luring more women into the hellhole of prostitution.

Strangely, in sexually liberal countries, where prostitution is legal, the power of pimps is greatly reduced, thus giving prostitutes more freedom.
"I be pimpin'!"

What is that supposed to mean? Pimps are evil; pimping is at the expense of women. A pimp is far from a heroic or glorious person.
by Lorelili February 17, 2006
A man who makes a profession out of reducing women to commodities and convincing them to sell their bodies to clients. An oppressor of women. One of the lowest forms of humanoid scum.
Travis Bickle executed the pimp with his .44 Magnum.

I would have used a sawed-off.
by Iggy Hazard December 12, 2003

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