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An original pimp steak is bologna, not a hot dog. Sometimes pimp steak refers to any lunchmeat.
What's for lunch? Pimp steak and cheese.
by Worldhead December 08, 2009
A hot dog, sold by a vendor with a licensed cart of some kind. The kind of thing folks on a budget eat after a night at the club.
"Man, I'm hungry, but broke! Let's find a vendor and get a pimp steak".
by Noelly Bear March 05, 2006
hot dogs
"Don't burn them pimp steaks, y'hear?"
by mrxinu October 30, 2008
A hot dog, possibly sold from a vendor on the street, or picked up at your local supermarket.

I got burgers and pimp steaks on the grill, if anyone want em.
by haaji January 12, 2009
a hot dog, kielbasa or bratwurst, with or without bun
"Hey splid, pass me one o' dem pimpsteaks, don't spare da mustard."
by jimwitt May 15, 2007
Another word for a hotdog
Kyle King- Yo throw me another one of 'dem pimpsteaks yo i be watching sucka free countdown while hollain' at my keyshawn.
by Luc Gregor January 20, 2008