Pills can refer to anything that is a pharmaceutical or any other encapsulated drug, or a drug that is in pill form, or supplement, including illicit drugs such as ecstasy.
The doctor prescribed me some pills for my ailment.
by tylerdurden89 November 01, 2010
She's a P.I.L.L.!!
by bootybaker May 19, 2010
PILL is an acronym for Person I'd Like to Lick.
My brother just told me he had a dream last night where He was talking to a cute girl at a bar and she was like so I hear your sisters a lesbian, me too, is she a pill? And He was like what's a pill? And she goes "Person I'd Like to Lick"...
by Mariacatherine94 December 27, 2013
Something required for me to take on a daily basis so I can put up with some people that deserve to be choked.
2- anti pyschotic medication
When I decided to run the asshole off the road and did so successfully, I had just remembered that I forgot to take my pill the night before.
by Ben Dover November 10, 2003
An ecstacy tablet consumed orally, snorted, whacked(Arm), anally.
"Has your pill hit you yet?"
"Yeah, I'm pilling really hard, man!"
by Diego June 23, 2003
Basketball (the ball, not the game)
Yo dog, gimme the pill!
by Da Hawk January 15, 2004
To prevent the birth of a baby while having sex...
Becca took the pill so Jeff could enjoy the sex without having the burden of a baby
by Someone March 14, 2004

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