A code word used when making drug deals over the telephone for an ounce of any illegal drug. It was born from a thought chain:

ounce: oz: z: zzz's (sleep): pillow
Would you mind picking me up a pillow for me?
I'm going to pick up a few pillows in the city this weekend. You need to catch any sleep?
by Lonesome Cowboy Bill September 30, 2006
A soft squishy bag, usually full of dead cats.
Get that pillow off the couch, and stop stinking up the house!
by live 'n' luv May 21, 2008
one of your homies
Horace - "Yo dawg, you are one of my pillows."
Rob- "Dawg furreal thats legit cool dawg."
Horace - "I am legit gay."
Rob - "Same brosky"
by peter dprat November 13, 2009
tit, they make great pillows, cu they're nice and soft
I slept on her pillows.
by Alexius November 06, 2003
Boyfriend, whom is adorable and has a really cute butt, and you just love to lay on him all day!
Pillow, I love you... come snuggle with me!
by emma m. February 10, 2008
The best friend of a terrible Hungarian kisser who is too afraid to go and get some real-world practice.
Doug's pillow was damp after a long, strenuous night of rehearsing, and while he thought he'd made progress, the pillow was of the mind that Dude'd never get to do the horizontal tango at this snail-like pace.
by Mary Magdalene September 18, 2003
Indicating a complete and total state of sexual ineptness. Could imply being fat and soft or even skinny enough to be used as a pillow in a fight. Or to state that ones intelligence is not unlike that of a pillow. All of these can be implied in a single use.
"He is such a pillow!"
by Benton Hayes October 17, 2004

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