a word used to take the place of the word pound when communicating with supplier to be discrete
yo you got and green left ??? yeah i got 3 pillows
by 4-X October 28, 2010
German for "softer than the ground."
"this pillow is actually softer than the ground. I was surprised!"
by Crit90 August 30, 2008
An individual who's identity happens to be very similar in spelling and pronunciation to a well known noun, and any jokes involving that certain nown told around said individual will result in dirty looks and rude comments about the tellers mother.
R:All I did was make fun of her name and she made rude comments about my mother!

J:Oh, she must be a pillow then.
fat sack of any drug
I keep real on the streets, serving pillows of tweak to the fiends that geek!
by zany zane September 29, 2010
Refers to an attractive woman. Frequent usage among young men in the south, especially Southampton, New Forest and IOW, but also heard in Essex and East London.
"Did you see her? Total pillow!"
by Niq44 February 27, 2010
to hump a sleeping person. while everyone watches and silently laughs.
Guy 1: look weston's geting pillowed by ceasar.

Guy 2: shh, take a picture.

Guy 1: lets never forget this.
by wrath 92 January 16, 2012
A code word used when making drug deals over the telephone for an ounce of any illegal drug. It was born from a thought chain:

ounce: oz: z: zzz's (sleep): pillow
Would you mind picking me up a pillow for me?
I'm going to pick up a few pillows in the city this weekend. You need to catch any sleep?
by Lonesome Cowboy Bill September 30, 2006
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