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The best friend of a terrible Hungarian kisser who is too afraid to go and get some real-world practice.
Doug's pillow was damp after a long, strenuous night of rehearsing, and while he thought he'd made progress, the pillow was of the mind that Dude'd never get to do the horizontal tango at this snail-like pace.
by Mary Magdalene September 18, 2003
6 25
Large female breasts.
by KJ October 03, 2003
209 72
A word used to describe a tightly packed bag of weed. Has a soft cushiony feel and somewhat resembles a green pillow. Also, once you smoke it, you can fall asleep nice and easy.
Yo, I'm tryin to get a pillow tonight.
by th October 20, 2004
228 142
Something to hump when your horny
Jack stood Jackie up so, tonight she's having some one-on-one with her pillow
by Senor sejas July 08, 2010
119 75
A word used to describe boobs of any size.
My girlfriend let me rub Mr. Johnson between her pillows last night.
by Captain Happysnake November 25, 2005
172 130
A wicked Japanese punk rock band.
"Orange no slide
Utsusu sora
Sponge no pride

...I have no idea what that means...but I like it!
by Spike Mandango February 28, 2004
76 53
also used in similar mastubatory way by females. ;)
wet pillow !
by meemo March 30, 2003
126 105
Plural of pillow, any of a specialized type of cushion to be found on a bed used mainly to cradle and support the head while sleeping
Ah, soft, comfortable pillows
by michael November 11, 2003
44 27