A person who tries to force others to sleep.
My wife told me to stop being grouchy and take a nap. I said, "Honey, stop being such a damn Pillow Pusher."
by Thomas Mann October 18, 2006
Top Definition
One who likes to fuck face down in the pillow and ass up in the air. Due to the brutality of the ass plugging, the receiver may be unable to shit for days. The pillow is used to bite on to help numb the pain of the initial thrust. Many who push the pillow will wake up with pillow face and possible dental damage.
Upon further review of x-rays, Dr. Spook came to the conclusion that his patient was a extreme pillow pusher and needed a special mouth piece to prevent further damage to his teeth.
by Wun Hung Lo December 18, 2005
a person who helps keep the pillow (which muffles the sound)in a drummer's bass drum in place so it doesn't slide out.
The drummer in the band requested a pillow pusher halfway through the set.
by Joe Wayans October 05, 2006
a person with an uncanny sense of style and rhythm.
Wow, that guy is a real Pillow Pusher.
by Laurie Anderson October 18, 2006
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