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Pussy Troll. The parents place it in their daughter pussy. If a penis trys entering the pussy before the age of 21 then the Pussy Troll will bite it off. On ones 21st birthday the pussy Troll is gone forever.
Pillow pants is in Clerks 2
by Franne July 23, 2006
The little troll that parents put into their daughters pussy that keeps them from having sex. If a penis enters her vagina, pillowpants will bite it off. Pillowpants is peed out on her 21st birthday.
I cant wait for pillowpants to be gone so that I can rail the shit out of my girlfriend!!!
by buzzzzzzzzz July 29, 2006
The demon native to a woman's vaginia. Said to bite dicks off until he is peed out on the host body's 21st birthday. Generally believed to be a christian influenced myth.

See also: Listerfiend
"Pillow the imp that lives in Myra's....vagina."
by E. Badman July 22, 2006
This is the term used by Elias in the widely popular movie Clerks 2. This is used to describe the "troll" in a girls pooter that bites of the dick of any man who sticks his dick in it until after the 21st birthday of the girl.
I hope this girl's parents forgot to put a pillow pants in her.
by ZachG5390 July 23, 2006
A reference in Clerks 2. A lie told to repressed christian girls to prevent them from having pre-marital sex. The name "pillow pants" is that of the fictional troll that lives in the girl's vagina that will cut off any penis that enters.
Pillow pants is the name of the troll...that lives in her pussy...
by Tony B.G.L.L. July 26, 2006
pillow pants can be used as a verb or an adjective describing a person.

As an Adjective: A person who on more than one occasion has prevented a sexual act from occurring.

As a Verb: The act of preventing a sexual act from occurring.

The term itself comes from the film, "Clerks 2" in which the pillow pants is a troll living in a girls vagina that bites off a guy's penis if he tries to have sex with her before her 21st birthday.
Adjective: That guy is a pillow pants! he walked in just as i was taking her shirt off!

Verb: I totally pillow pantsed my brother yesterday. I walked in just as he was taking her shirt off!
by Crannberry December 06, 2009
pussy troll ; a small troll that has been put into her girls vagina when they were a baby.
if i stick my penis in her vagina, pillow pants will bite my penis off.
by jeeremyc August 17, 2006
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