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Most likely where you are if you're drinking Molson's Old Style Pilsner Beer. This beer is great for shotgunning and features a green label with rabbits on it. Sold in western canada, which is where Pilsner drinkers refer to as pil country.

Also, there are large billboards on the highway all over western canada advertising "you're in pil country", just so nobody forgets.
Man 1: What are they drinking on that episode of Corner Gas?
Man 2: Duh, Pilsner beer, Saskatchewan is in the heart of pil country.

Driver: What's that billboard say?
Passenger: "You're in pil country", I think we're in western Canada.
by Praire_Boy June 17, 2009
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Canada, where you refer to being if you are drinking Canadian brewed pilsner beer. Billboards all over Canada display this message so no one forgets where pil country is.
man 1: i see your drinkin bud light
man 2: yes my favorite
man 1: well tonight your not in pil country
by LBSB June 10, 2007

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