1. A casual sex partner

2. To have intercourse with a casual parner. Piked.
He piked her real good the other day.
by CynC September 19, 2003
Pain that you like.
"Dude, these mushies are so pike."

"Playing with a wobbly tooth because, even though it hurts, it feels too damn good."

by pope2108 May 10, 2007
(v.) To have sex in an exceptionally rough manner.
"Bitch, you gon' get straight-up piked tonight!"
"Sarah loves to get piked by big black dudes."
by RockyB August 30, 2004
a dirty hoe; only fucks with other races besides own.
look at that trick ass pike walking down the street tryna make a dollar
by unavailable3 April 05, 2007
to pick up things off the floor that are dirty or have no value
pike:OOooooh lookie a shiny penny!!
by ooo-a-lava-lamp February 28, 2006
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