1. A casual sex partner

2. To have intercourse with a casual parner. Piked.
He piked her real good the other day.
by CynC September 19, 2003
Pain that you like.
"Dude, these mushies are so pike."

"Playing with a wobbly tooth because, even though it hurts, it feels too damn good."

by pope2108 May 10, 2007
Every known cuss word combined into one word.
"Man, she's such a pike!"
by Amy F December 27, 2005
a dirty hoe; only fucks with other races besides own.
look at that trick ass pike walking down the street tryna make a dollar
by unavailable3 April 05, 2007
to pick up things off the floor that are dirty or have no value
pike:OOooooh lookie a shiny penny!!
by ooo-a-lava-lamp February 28, 2006
interchangeable with fuck.
"Oi, wanna pike?"

"Pike off!"
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
when a female uses a strap-on to engage in anal sex with a male.
bob said he let becky pike me last night, and he said he kinda liked it.
by shotgun pollace July 28, 2004

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